I am fortunate enough to live in one of the most vibrant and lively areas in the country. Formerly thought of as sleepy and slow; this is no longer the case. The Midlands is fast growing into a vibrant network of up and coming artists, eateries, bars, and artisanal craft producers. 

Creative resurgence

If you live here, you know this. But this resurgence in creative expressions has been a while in coming. Almost like a steam engine, starting slow and building until it reaches its speed and power to carry its load powerfully forward. This is exactly how the Midlands is now carrying creativity forward in the area, and dare I say, country.

Just this week I trundled out to the Wedgewood Farm to go and see what happenings were going on there and my creative soul was inspired by what I found.

Although I know Wedgewood for its delectable nougat products, I was not aware of the extent of the line of what they produce on their farm, including some recently launched magical products.  The Emporium at Piggly Wiggly is the location most well known for retailing their Wedgewood products including ceramics, hat boxes, oak boards, nougat, biscuits, and hampers. 

And the new…

I wanted to go find out about the new product that had just been launched by Wedgewood a few days before. Could it be true? That such a wonderful thing exists? 

Well, simply put, yes.

I walk through the Wedgewood doors to be greeted by friendly people and elegant decor with white wood and bricks contrasting with bold flowers in rosy hues. The Wedgewood bee and crown featuring all over the product range bringing a bright stamp to their line up.

I then go through to a sparkling kitchen overlooking the green valley and hills outside. There I m introduced to some of Wedgewood’s staff and the kitchen where the ice cream is being lovingly manufactured, with wickedly wonderful flavours that are being swirled into tubs under the new ice cream label that is being produced. 

The quality of the ice cream is undeniable, with care taken to ensure that the butter and cream content is high, meaning no icicles or ice in your cream.  The texture is like the most unbelievable velvet and satin but in your mouth.  It is the kind of flavour that could tempt a vegan to take a mouthful. The only possible way I could describe this is to encourage you to try it yourself to understand. No words could adequately describe this culinary experience effectively.

The whole process from making the Anglaise, to churning, to swirling the ice cream into tubs is all under the watchful and ever-creative eyes of the Inventor of Wonderful Things.

But this isn’t all that is happening at the farm. 

Macadamia Nut Facility

There is a macadamia nut facility on site where the nuts are husked to be used in Wedgewood products. 

As we walk through the room we are shown how the nuts have their husks removed and this is crushed to be used in food for the sheep as extra nutrition.

coffee shop

The white wooden panels and tiles carry through from the shop with wooden tops and overturned commercial mixing bowls featuring as creative downlighting. What a lovely spot to catch up with friends and family while trying out some nougat treats.

Wedgewood has an impressive array of plans coming and I am inspired in visiting their farm. I know that this is a well known family business that has been established over the years, but their ability to adapt and continue inventing is helping them grow and develop. 

Why not pop by The Emporium or the Farm and see what magic Wedgewood is whipping up? 

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