Meanderings : Sundowners



Sundowners – A Midlands definition of catching up with your friends in a relaxing atmosphere with an adult beverage in hand (other beverages are optional) while watching a spectacular sunset.


So there is no denying that I am a Midlands fan. I grew up in KZN, how could I not be? Every Province has its attraction, but KwaZulu-Natal has a super abundance of these. Hence my favourite term in referring to this Province – The Promised Land (I can so see the Capetonians frowning and squinting into their fine wine in absolute stupor).  Yes, guess what folks, we have it all. Wide open spaces, farms, wine (kan jy dit glo?), mountains, snow,hiking, the best mountain bike trails, ocean (gorgeous miles and golden miles of it) and sunsets.  I repeat…. Sunsets.


So what is the big deal about Sunsets?


Turn up Winter in KZN and see. We have a definite nip in the air early morning and late afternoon (if by nip I mean you could freeze the balls off a brass monkey). But due to the dust hanging around from the dry countryside, we also have spectacular, gorgeous, breathtaking sunsets. And if you are on the Midlands there are a few places that you can enjoy this experience with a few of your band of brothers, sisters and general crew; or if you so desire…by yourself.


Some of the local places to do this are:


St Ives Boma

Not only are the staff super obliging, but Friday and Saturday night include bonfires. Oh Yeah! Get some chow and a glass of wine and watch the sun set over the dam. (Is it Friday yet?) Keep an eye out for local musos who perform here on a regular basis.


Il Postino

Catch the sunset on the porch then proceed inside for amazing Pizza and a bevvy or two with your friends. I never tire of the smell of wood fired pizza being prepped. Keep a watch on their facebook page for quiz nights and events.



If you haven’t heard of it, well I just don’t know. The locals wish it was a secret but that it is not. Great food, festive atmosphere, lots of laughter and superb beer (or other beverages). You haven’t done the Midlands until you have popped in here.


Caversham Mill

Ahhh but such a pretty setting, how romantic. And that it is, day or night. You can enjoy a gorgeous view while eating food that is paired with …well….whatever you please really. A little more romantic … but who says sundowners can’t be romantic.


Pot and Barrell

Well, it had to feature right? So a little more rustic than the others, but it certainly is kind of on the way home with friends. Believe it or not, the view of a sunset can be pretty amazing from the outer deck. #justsaying


Old Main Brewery

Ex Crossways for the local crew. There always seems to be a festive bunch passing through or hanging out here. You can get some pretty neat craft beers and whatever else you desire along with some great tucker. Stop in sometime… you won’t regret it.


So what is it about Sundowners?  For me, it is being able to catch up with my friends (Shoutout to the Trail Blazers) with a view. I am a sucker for sunsets, and it has to be my favourite way to end a day.


For everyone and your own sake though. If you plan to indulge, please be responsible about it.


See you on the road….